Anti-corruption elements in the Ghanaian public procurement law

  • Annika Engelbert Ruhr-University Bochum
Keywords: anti-corruption, public procurement, development, good governance


Curbing corruption in public administration in general, and in public procurement in particular, has been high on the agenda of most Sub-Saharan African countries for the last twenty years. Regulatory frameworks are considered to deliver incentives for procuring entities and bidders alike to respect integrity. This paper seeks to identify and assess particular components of the Ghanaian Public Procurement Act, currently being subjected to a legislative reform process, that are suitable to form a strong corruption deterrence mechanism. Besides domestic legal texts, the analysis is based on findings from expert interviews as well as on empirical data of World Bank reports. Recommendations will be proposed to further improve the public procurement system with regard to anti-corruption.

Author Biography

Annika Engelbert, Ruhr-University Bochum
Research associate


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