Nigerian National Council on Public Procurement: Addressing the Unresolved Legal Issues

  • Kingsley Tochi Udeh Baze University, Abuja-Nigeria. T.K Udeh & Associates (Legal Practitioners & Consultants). African Public Procurement Regulation Research Unit, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.
Keywords: public procurement, Nigeria, civil society organisations, National Council on Public Procurement, World Bank


The National Council on Public Procurement (“NCPP” or “Council”) is one of Nigeria’s two federal procurement regulatory authorities established by the Public Procurement Act 2007 (“PPA” or “Act”). More than seven years after the statutory establishment of the NCPP, the body is yet to be constituted; consequently, there is no proper performance of its statutory functions. This has continued to generate debate in several quarters. Various reasons, mostly based on misconceptions about the status and functions of the body, have been advanced by the Federal Government for not constituting the NCPP.This paper shall examine NCPP’s status and functions, critique identified misconceptions about the body, analyse the implications of not constituting the regulatory body, and assess the benefits of constituting it. The theme of this paper is topical considering the critical statutory role that the NCPP is intended to play in Nigeria’s procurement system; and the fact that the related issues addressed by the paper are still largely unresolved.

Author Biography

Kingsley Tochi Udeh, Baze University, Abuja-Nigeria. T.K Udeh & Associates (Legal Practitioners & Consultants). African Public Procurement Regulation Research Unit, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.
Lecurer (Law), Baze University, Abuja-Nigeria.Managing Partner, T.K Udeh & Associates (Legal Practitioners & Consultants).Researcher, African Public Procurement Regulation Research Unit, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.


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